10 gorgeous web fonts and their free Google Font alternatives

Not all fonts are made equal, especially when it comes to their use for the web. Designers with clients on a budget (or creativeprenuers looking to save money where they can!) know the monetary cost of well-made web fonts can add up quickly, especially if the license is based on page views.

Here are ten gorgeous and versatile type families made with care from expert type foundries… with a corresponding super similar-feeling Google Font. The “premier” fonts will have more weights, special details, support from the foundries themselves if you ever need, and the guarantee they won’t disappear that Google can’t provide.

Tablet Gothic: premium alternative to Archivo Narrow from Google FontsArchivo Narrow: free alternative to Tablet Gothic

Tablet Gothic Condensed by Type Together, 40+ faces in its superfamilyArchivo Narrow, 2 display weights without italics


ITC Avant Garde: premium alternative to Poppins from Google FontsPoppins: free alternative to ITC Avant Garde

Avant Garde by ITC, 40+ faces in its superfamilyPoppins, 5 display weights without italics


Interstate: premium alternative to Rubik from Google FontsRubik: free alternative to Interstate from Google Fonts

Interstate by Font Bureau, 40+ faces in its superfamilyRubik, 5 weights with italics for each


Supria Sans: premium alternative to Chivo from Google FontsChivo: free Google Fonts alternative to Supria Sans

Supria Sans by HvD Fonts, 36 weights including italicsChivo, 2 weights with italics for both


Founders Grotesk: premiua lternative to Work Sans from Google FontsWork Sans: free Google Fonts alternative to Founders Grotesk

Founders Grotesk by Klim, 5 weights with italics for eachWork Sans, 9 weights without italics


Libre Franklin: premium alternative to Libre Franklin from Google FontsLibre Franklin: free Google Fonts alternative to Benton Sans

Benton Sans from Font Bureau, 80+ faces in its superfamilyLibre Franklin, 9 weights with italics for each


Sentinel: premium alternative to Domine from Google FontsDomine: free Google Fonts alternative to Sentinel

Sentinel by Hoefler & Co., 6 weights with italics for eachDomine, 2 display weights without italics


Leitura Display: premium alternative to Playfair Display: from Google FontsPlayfair Display: free Google Fonts alternative to Leitura Display

Leitura Display by DS Type, 3 display weights including an italic; four text grades with italics for eachPlayfair Display, 3 weights with italics for each


Eczar: premium alternative to GT Sectra from Google FontsEczar: free Google Fonts alternative to GT Sectra

GT Sectra by Grilli Type, 5 weights with italics for each in three gradesEczar, 5 display weights


Tiempos Text: premium alternative to Neuton from Google FontsNeuton: free Google Fonts alternative to Tiempos Text

Tiempos Text by Klim, 4 weights with italics for eachNeuton, 6 weights with one Regular Italic

* Thanks to randoma11y for their accessible color palettes used here. Some links to paid fonts are affiliate links.

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