Hihi, nice to meet you! (*^▽^)/ I’m skullface (she/her) and I’m a Design Engineer dual-wielding compassion and cuteness, using my interdisciplinary background to make positive impact and leave a trail of glitter in my wake.

Design philosophy

As a tween who liked playing on the computer more than playing outside, I fell in love with design as soon as I found out it had a name. I practice design as code, as strategy, as content, as experience, as visual expression — as the native medium of the world wide web. I’m a Design Engineer with a focus on growth, inclusivity, and operations (♥ accessibility, representation, clear async comms, marketing 📈, codifying and re-calibrating processes, and great documentation). Design can’t save the world, but we have an immense responsibility as technology practicioners to do the most good as we serve business goals.

  • Clarity
    Showing AND telling
  • Inclusivity
    Proactive advocacy
  • Intention
    Leading with purpose
  • Openness
    Removing barriers to entry

Recognition and publication

  • The Secret Loves of Geek Girls + The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux, contributing author + artist (2016 – 2018)
  • Cards Against Humanity SDCC zine, contributing artist (2017)
  • “Moon Prism Power — Sailor Moon Art Show” at The Galallery, San Francisco, CA, featured artist (2016)
  • Dribbble, Timeout interview (2016)
  • Kickstarter, Fashion campaign feature + Staff Pick (2015)
  • Bit Bash, Chicago, IL, featured artist (2014)
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