Hihi, nice to meet you! (*^▽^)/ I’m Skullface (she/her) and you can call me Skully. I’m a Design Engineer and visual artist dual wielding compassion and cuteness.

Current projects

Design philosophy

As a kid who liked playing on the computer more than playing outside, I fell in love with design as soon as I found out it had a name. I practice design as code, as strategy, as content, as journey, as visual expression — as the native medium of the world wide web, as holistic end-to-end experience.

I ♥ accessibility, storytelling, great docs, and semantic markup.

To create the best work, regardless of personal working styles, designers need psychological safety that can only come from an environment of mutual trust. I aim to foster that environment in the teams I lead and, in tiny ways, to the industry as a whole.

By prioritizing equity and genuine empathy, we can move the needle toward justice. Designers in tech have an immense responsibility to do the most good as we serve business goals.

Select consulting clients

Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, IGN, Cards Against Humanity



Send a tweet or an email to meow@ this domain. 💌