If you’d like to get in touch with me, send a tweet or an email at meow@ this domain. 💌

One-on-one design

I’m currently taking on new art, design, and development projects with select clients, limited to…

  • orgs fostering equity for underrepresented folks in tech 👩‍💻
  • grassroots nonprofits with progressive missions 🌱
  • Sony, Square Enix, Nintendo, Bungie, HER Interactive 🎮
  • BlockBerry Creative, SM Entertainment, Big Hit Music 💿
  • publications looking for editorial art 📰
  • Sanrio or Kakao Friends 🎀

Questions and answers

For design, code, biz, or life advice, feel free to hit me up for help. There’s a good chance you’re wondering about the same thing someone else is, so, ask away — it might make a great blog post or video!

Getting in touch

📬 meow@ this domain, or use this form:

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